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Septic Tanks

So what is a septic tank?

All of your sewage usually go through the main sewerage system. A septic tank will provide you with a sewage system separate to this. Septic tanks have been around for hundreds of years and the general systems have remained the same for even now. There have however been changes to the materials that are used as well as the bacteria inside the tanks.

When creating your own private sewerage system there are 3 main properties that can be used. These are Septic tanks, Sewage treatment plants and cess pits. Each of these have their own individual differences, benefits and drawbacks.

Septic tanks or Sewage treatment plants?

The recent trend is for property owners to choose water waste treatment plants over septic tanks systems. This is mainly due to new planning regulations as well as treatment plants being more environmentally friendly. While in essence a treatment plant will follow the same process as a septic tank system, it also accelerates the process resulting in a far cleaner output, they also reduce soak away issues. The decision to opt for a septic tank system is normally a financially driven one. Septic tank systems are a far simpler solution and as a result can cost considerably less.

How do Septic tanks Work?

When waste waters enter your septic tank they flow through a series of baffles. This process ensures that solids sink to the bottom and small particles float to the top. Water is held in the system which allows these suspended solids and a large proportion of the sludge to decompose naturally. The system also allows waste liquids to filter through the exterior of the tank into the surrounding earth. This is filtered through a soak away which will ensure it does not cause damage to the external environment.

How can Simple Eco help with your decision?

Here at simple eco we understand that the decision on which type of off mains sewage system to choose can be a complex one. We have technicians on hand to discuss with you, which system is right for your needs and would be happy to arrange a site visit to assess the suitability of the various systems on your land. Septic tank advice is provided to both domestic and commercial customers across Bristol avon.

Are there any Government requirements on Septic tanks?

Yes there are several requirements when installing a new off mains sewerage system. The main requirements are a Discharge permit, building regulations approval and possibly planning permission. The staff at Simple eco will happily provide you with advice and assistance in gaining these.

Why have your tank installed with Simple Eco?

We provide repair or supply and fit of septic tanks in Bristol avon. We work closely with a wide selection of the main septic tank manufacturers to ensure you have a wide choice of reliable tanks at a competitive price. Our qualified engineers can also provide peace of mind when installing your system, always providing an efficient and professional service.

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