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Treatment Plants

There are many businesses and households that are in the unfortunate position where they do not have a main connection to the public sewage system. In this case it is of course necessary to create your own off mains sewage system. Many choose sewage treatment plants in this situation. As they are one of the most effective solutions. Choosing the system that best suits your circumstances can often be tricky so we have provided answers to some of the main issues below.

What is a sewage treatment plant?

Sewage treatment plants are currently the most advanced  off mains sewage system available. As a result of a multi stage cleaning and filtration process they produce the cleanest and safest run off. They are beneficial for any domestic property that may not have access to the main public sewage systems, and are also often used for commercial businesses to handle high levels of waste materials, if the public sewage system cannot handle the level or they would just like to reduce their waste costs.

Sewage treatment plant or Septic tank system?

Sewage treatment plants are becoming more commonly the system of choice for most customers. This is because they are more environmentally friendly than septic tanks, as they produce a much cleaner and safer effluent. While Sewage treatment plants may have a higher price tag, it can often save you money in the long term as the systems all require a soak away. With a sewage treatment plant system the risk of damaging this is much lower due to the cleaner effluent omitted by the tank.

How do Sewage treatment plants work?

As waste water flows into your  sewage treatment plant they enter a primary tank, within this tank the solids and liquids are separated. Following this the liquid flows into a biozone chamber. Within this chamber the fluid is aerated by a pump. this encourages good bacteria to digest organic matter within the waste and break it down as to purify it. A well maintained and efficient sewage treatment plant, will usually produce effluent which is 95% purified.

How can Simple Eco help with your decision?

Here at simple eco we understand that the decision on which type of off mains sewage system to choose can be a complex one. We have technicians on hand to discuss with you, which system is right for your needs and would be happy to arrange a site visit to assess the suitability of the various systems on your land. Septic tank advice is provided to both domestic and commercial customers across Bristol avon.

Are there any Government requirements on Sewage treatment plants?

Yes there are several requirements when installing a new off mains sewerage system. The main requirements are a Discharge permit, building regulations approval and possibly planning permission. The staff at Simple eco will happily provide you with advice and assistance in gaining these.

Why have your system installed with Simple Eco?

We provide repair or supply and fit of sewage treatment plants in Bristol avon. We work closely with a wide selection of the main sewage treatment plants manufacturers to ensure you have a wide choice of reliable tanks at a competitive price. Our qualified engineers can also provide peace of mind when installing your system, always providing an efficient and professional service.

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