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CCTV Surveys

Our engineers feed a specialist camera head attached to a reel of cable into the drain to be surveyed. The camera head incorporates a lighting system and the resulting bright image is transmitted to a monitoring screen for assessment.

The engineer fills in a log sheet giving a metre by metre condition report and this is forwarded to you together with a DVD of the survey, site map and recommendations with costings where appropriate.

If the line is blocked our engineers will make every effort to clear the blockage to allow the survey to proceed using the equipment available to them. On rare occasions the line will be blocked to such an extent that a survey is not possible, however valuable information will be provided to enable you to make a decision about further action.

You will also have a record of your system and we frequently find buried manholes and previously unrecorded lines. Tracking and tracing can also be carried out allowing us to pin point the position of services.

If you are considering buying a house or business premises then having a full CCTV drain survey can save you a potentially large expense. This will also give you the leverage to reduce prices, or to plan your budget accordingly.

Commonly encountered problems which we can diagnose by CCTV drain inspection survey include drain blockages, misaligned drains, silt build up, off set drain joints and kinked drains.

Once our drainage engineers have viewed the CCTV survey footage of your drain, they will advise you on the best course of action to deal with your drainage problem.

If you”re interested in finding out more about our CCTV drain inspection service, give us a call – we”ll be able to discuss further details and the charges involved.

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